Logotipo Tecnocontrol Servicios
Logotipo Tecnocontrol Servicios
Tecnocontrol Servicios realizará el mantenimiento de los equipamientos municipales del Ayuntamiento de Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona (Lote 1)

Tecnocontrol Servicios will carry out the maintenance of the municipal equipment of the Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Hall, Barcelona (Lot 1)


The Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Hall has awarded Tecnocontrol Servicios the maintenance of its municipal equipment corresponding to Lot 1 (Singuerlin area).


The scope includes maintenance operations for installations (sanitation, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, plumbing, water pressure and evacuation, regulation and control of electrical installations and lighting, fire protection, anti-intrusion installations, etc.) and maintenance operations for construction elements (structures, retaining walls, load-bearing walls, roofs, skylights, etc.).


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